Our school undertook a quality assurance inspection for kindergarten by the Education Bureau in May 2015 and we have been assessed to be a “well-performed” school.

*The inspection team have praised our school in the following aspect:

  • The management actively support and genuinely care for the school development, they provide right support and supervise the school operation effectively.

  • The principal has extensive experience in school administration and an open mind, leading the teaching team to work together with the target to enhance the quality of education and caring services.

  • The school values the connection with parents and encourages parents’ education works. They make good use of parents’ resources and facilitate school-parent cooperation.

  • The school promotes “moral virtue” and “reading habit” among students by implementing the moral & family reading scheme which encourages appropriate behaviors in children.

  • The school has well-developed measures to organize, supervise and review teaching programs.

  • The teaching staff has a kind and friendly attitude. Lessons are well-planned and well-prepared and they always encourage the students with a positive approach.

  • The students are enthusiastic learners. They produce innovative works and show no fear to express their own views. They also display good self-care ability.

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